Values Statement

We look forward to welcoming you to Inclusiv’s 2023 Conference in Memphis in May. Inclusiv chose Memphis as a destination for our 2023 conference to honor the city's civil rights legacy as well as to highlight the organizations working to eliminate the racial wealth gap and advance financial justice for all, including our host Hope Credit Union.

The recent actions of the Tennessee State Legislature, including expelling Black elected representatives for protesting to press for gun control measures, recent bans on drag and on gender-affirming care for youth, and other violations of people’s civil and human rights stand in chilling contrast to Inclusiv’s values and the community development credit union movement’s work to build an inclusive financial system.

At Inclusiv’s 2023 conference in Memphis, a location chosen for its critical importance in the Civil Rights movement, we will learn together from modern civil rights leaders and reflect on the legacy and lessons of the Civil Rights movement. By building connections and solidarity across our movement, we can more effectively fight back against bigotry and discrimination in all their forms and better support colleagues who are providing vital services to the communities directly harmed by regressive state policies.

We hope you will join us in this critical work that will continue at virtual events over the coming year and at Inclusiv’s 2024 conference in New York City.