2023 Annual Conference

April 14-15, 2023         Phoenix, Arizona    |     Arizona Grand Resort & Spa 



Statement of Purpose & Values

The Innocence Network Conference brings together directly impacted people, advocates, and others who work to free the innocent, prevent wrongful conviction, and provide post-release support. This annual conference promotes learning and growth through educational programming, relationship-building, collective action, and healing. Together, we celebrate victories, strategize around challenges, and recommit to fighting for a more just future. We value diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments and endeavor to create a safe space rooted in compassion and respect.

20th Anniversary: Resistance, Resilience, & Hope

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Innocence Network Conference. We plan to feature sessions that focus on the concepts of resistance, resilience, and hope, and plan to feature sessions that explore the ways these themes have informed innocence work and our gathering as a community over the past 20 years. We also plan to feature sessions that discuss how resistance, resilience, and hope will underscore future conferences and other collaborations in the innocence movement.

Schedule of Events

The conference will begin the morning of Thursday, April 13th for freed/exonerated people and their family members or support persons, and will begin the morning of Friday, April 14th for all other ticket types. The conference will end with an optional closing celebration on the evening of Saturday, April 15th.

A detailed schedule is available here.

Focus Areas

The 2023 conference will feature sessions within the following focus areas:

  • Case Intake, Evaluation, & Investigation
  • Forensic Science & Social Science
  • Post-Conviction Litigation (for New and Experienced Attorneys)
  • Post-Release/Reentry Support
  • Community Outreach, Engagement, & Organizing
  • Organizational Development
  • Race and Wrongful Conviction
  • Emerging Areas (Mass Exoneration, Posthumous Exoneration, Alternative Pathways to Release, Manifest Injustice, Suspect Development, AI/Machine Learning, etc.)

Breakout Session Materials

To access and review materials provided by conference breakout session organizers, please click here.


Conference Community Guidelines

The creation of Community Guidelines for the Innocence Network Conference was a recommendation of the Conference Strategic Planning Working Group. The purpose of the Community Guidelines is to ensure that all members of our community feel safe, welcomed, and supported at the Innocence Network Conference. By registering for the conference, all attendees agree to follow these guidelines.

  1. Treat all conference attendees and venue staff with respect and consideration, valuing diverse views and opinions.
  2. Operate with curiosity and generosity, avoiding assumptions and generalizations. Listen for understanding, not just to respond.
  3. Work together to foster a safe space free of harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, or discrimination in any form.
  4. Honor your needs and know your limits. Care for yourself and the community by taking a break, getting some air, and seeking support when needed. Consider connecting with a Conference Ambassador.
  5. Respect privacy and confidentiality. Don’t speak on behalf of others without their permission and don’t share something communicated in a private or safe space.

Media Policy

A limited number of members of the media may be granted permission to attend the conference. Please contact Network Support Unit Director Meredith Kennedy with any media requests and to discuss the conference media policy.


If you are interested in purchasing or reserving an exhibitor table at the Innocence Network Conference, please contact Shirley Wu. If you are interested in sponsoring or underwriting aspects of the Innocence Network Conference, please contact Meredith Kennedy.